Free for All.

The Australian Small Business Awards (ASBA) is a national recognition program open to small businesses in all States and Territories throughout Australia. ASBA is the culmination of a fifteen-year project to deliver a consistent and quality business awards program for the small business sector that is completely free to enter.

The Awards give small businesses new opportunities to expand their horizons by generating exposure and building stronger networks. For many business owners and managers, taking time out to reflect on their achievements is paramount to their future goals.

We encourage all Australians to get behind exceptional local businesses and nominate them for the Awards as they create jobs and economic value for our local communities and the entire nation.


Businesses will be eligible to participate in the Australian Small Business Awards (ASBA) providing all of the following criteria are met:

> The business has a registered Australian Business Number;
> The business is wholly Australian owned and managed;
> The business has less than 20 full time equivalent (FTE) staff;
> The business is not a listed company, franchisor, a club, co-operative or non-profit organisation;
> The business is not the recipient of on-going government funding (i.e. the business is not reliant upon government funding for its operation);


The benefits of participating in the Australian Small Business Awards (ASBA) are:

> Confirm your current position and reconnect with your business vision;
> Review your operations to enhance your reputation;
> Improve your marketing and promotional opportunities;
> Celebrate the success of your business.

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